Meet the Team

ADDAPTCO is run by a team of parents and educators familiar with the specific needs of children with developmental differences. We each have our own personal experiences and knowledge to bring to the table. We know exactly what it is like to raise or work with children with special needs and we do our to best plan events that are fun and sensory friendly. 

Board of Directors

Christina Treece

Hello! I'm Christina and I'm a mother of six kids. My two youngest boys are on the autism spectrum. I want to make sure my boys grow up in a community that includes and supports them. Gatlin and Draiman have changed my world and made me a better person. They are my motivation for working so hard with ADDAPTCO.

My mother, Molly Barrientos, was a teacher at Blanchard Valley School many years ago. I used to volunteer in her class when I was in high school. I truly believe that she guides me in spirit and has encouraged me to use my skills to benefit the children.

Kayla Obenour

Mike Snyder

Tina Hunt

Hi!  My name is Tina Hunt and I am the Primary teacher at Blanchard Valley School.  This is my sixth year teaching at Blanchard Valley School.  I previously taught at Angeline School, which is the Wyandot County Board of DD, for 17 years.  At Angeline I taught every age from 6-21 years throughout my career there.  I love teaching children of all ages and abilities.  Ever since I was little I  wanted to be a teacher and would play school while growing up with my younger sister.  I love how curious some children are and especially enjoy seeing a child’s face light up when he or she figures out a new concept.  Along with teaching students, I enjoy my own 2 children who I live with along with my husband in Findlay.  They are going to be in the 7th and 11th  grade.   My children are actively involved in many sports related activities like track, soccer, cross country, basketball, and golf.  I enjoy watching them play each of their sports and cheering them on.  I also enjoy taking walks, gardening, riding my bike, scrapbooking, shopping, watching movies, and reading.  Something interesting about me is that I love Mickey Mouse and anything else Disney related.  We go on vacations there and we have a room in our house filled with memorabilia from Disney. 

Shannon Pancake

This is my first year as an Intervention Specialist at Findlay City School. I previously taught at Blanchard Valley School for two years. I believe every child deserves to feel loved and appreciated, and that is how I want every student to feel in May. I also enjoy being a momma and a wife. My daughter was recently born in February and my husband works at Marathon. We all love spending time traveling or playing outside with our Aussie-Poo, Ella. 

Kathy Siebenaler Wilson

Kathy Siebenaler Wilson, PhD, began her journey in K-12 education at Findlay High School as a business teacher. After 13 years, she went to BGSU to begin her doctoral program in Educational Administration. During that time and for 5 additional years, Kathy taught undergraduate and graduate classes in both the College of Business and College of Education.

After that, an opportunity opened for her to become an administrator for the Millstream Career Center.

Looking at finishing out her years and with having twins, Shelby and Logan, she decided to return to higher education at BGSU again as an administrator. At that time education was being forced to make cutbacks due to funding.

It was at this time that Kathy was recruited to be a one-year interim Administrator at Blanchard Valley Center School. This was somehow meant to be as Kathy fell in love with the school, staff, parents and friends- but mostly the students.  During that year, there was a lot to be learned - and two areas that Kathy was assigned to assist with BVC PTO and Special Olympics.

Kathy worked with Christina Treece to move the PTO forward and it eventually evolved into ADDAPTCO, under Christina’s leadership.

After that year, Kathy left the staff position, but has followed ADDAPTCO to the present, contributing as much possible, as she now works as the Chief Administrator of Northwest Ohio Tech Prep Regional Center, based at the University of Toledo.

Shelby and Logan have now finished college and moved into the world of adulting and are both very successful.

Kathy states that one of the most memorable years of her career was at BVC, and she continues to advocate and support all those involved  in the world of DD.

Kathy is a Board Member of the Kandu Group and serves as the Vice-President of the Findlay City School Board this year.

John Treece