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Have you ever donated to an organization and then later wondered where that money went? Well Friends of BVS wants you to feel confident that when you donate to us those funds are being put to good use. This page is a great place for you to get a good idea of where the funds go.

Our goal is to build a community committed to supporting children with developmental differences. We want to bring people together with a common goal of supporting, advocating, and empowering our specials needs community. We do this by providing resources and events to enhance and enrich the lives of children with developmental differences and their families. Below are some examples of those resources and events.

Where do the funds go?

This gallery is a photographic list of where the funds go. You will see here examples of our different events that finance as well as various resources that we have purchased for our students. We may not be able to show everything here but you will definitely get an idea what we do with the money.


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